Gianluca was born in 1982.

He's a drummer and a synth player with about 20 years of activity in very
different music projects; a regular visitor to European festivals, always attracted by travels (including
mental ones), by the pleasure of discovering and breaking down all barriers, he writes reviews and owns an
independent record label with a strong international vocation.

Favorite music styles: neo-psychedelia, garage, noise, post-punk, shoegaze, emo, trip-hop, dub, art rock,
new soul.




Luigi was born in 1987.

He’s a musician, producer, Dj but first of all music lover.

He plays on 2 different projects: Two Opposites ( electronic, house, garage, space) and Unruly Girls ( electro, punk, synth-wave ).

He founded Planet Tapes Recordings in 2019, a new label ( vinyl only ) focused on the advanced electronic music.

Curator of genres: Electro, Synth rock, Synth wave, Lo-fi, Dark, High quality industrial




Born in 1988, Stefano since he was a child felt in love with music.

He was 14 when he decided to start participating in music actively, starting playing the guitar.

Now he is active in a solo project (an EP, "Il Velo Di Maya", published in 2014 and now in restyling phase, will be released in 2020 ending) and with Katma, and also collaborates with other Italian singers (Luigi Perazzelli, Fabio Zeno, others).

Curator of this genres:  Rock, Hard rock, Blues, Metal, Extreme Metal (Doom, Thrash, Speed, Black, Death), Progressive rock/metal, Instrumental





Angelo was born in 1983.

He's a singer and multi-instrumentalist, pop/rock singer-songwriter, arranger
and recording/mixing engineer graduated with distinction award at the University of the West of

Angelo is always looking for new music to discover.

He's a well designed music productions lover and prefers to listen to pop/rock music, indie-rock
and alternative rock, both American and British.

Curator of: indie rock, alternative rock, rock/pop, brit pop, singer-songwriter